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them trolling, they as in people bringing others down, supporting such hate. You could also argue that louis was only human to take so much, but the people talking bad about him, his mum and girlfriend were very out of line. but time will calm this down. hopefully.

i hope so. i dont know that whole story about his mom and girlfriend, but i just think…. there are bigger stars out there than one direction who gets tons of hate all day every day, and have for 20 years. one direction is BRAND new. sure, they’re the most popular boy band in the world, but they are BRAND NEW. im not sure why the larry subject is even being ADRESSED much less denied ALLLLLLL the time and in SUCH Hurtful ways. no other celebrity feels the need to point out their straightness. i mean, look at darren criss and COUNTLESS other celebrities who are called gay CONSTANTLY. they EMBRACE it and rejoice in it because its wonderful to be so loved and supported like that! “Gay” isn’t an insult, its simply a word. i dont understand why they are trying SO HARD to disprove larry… to me it just proves it so much more, whilst alienating the very people who believe in them and support them. its a very strange move on their part.

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